It’s time for summer shoes!!!

Published by : | May 2 2018

OMG my parents are Chiros – a humoristic text written by Dr Stéphanie Beaudry-Séguin 


Hi! It’s Livia!

I am threeee years old now and I am going to buy my summer shoes. My chiro mommy told me that good shoes are not necessarily the ones with my favorite princess or the dogs from Paw Patrol. So, what is important? 

  • I am a size 11! 
    • I need shoes that won’t be too small so my toes are bent (booboo!) and not too big so I don’t fall on the asphalt (big booboo!). 
  • Well fastened! 
    • Our toes should not work hard to keep our shoes on. This can happen if a shoe is too loose, like a CROCS, or is not fastened at the ankle, like a flip-flop. 
  • Flexible, please! 
    • It’s better to have a soft shoe rather than a rigid one so our muscles work well! Very important, especially when learning to walk. 
  • Light
    • We don’t want to drag cannonballs! We want to make you run after us! 
  • No second-hand shoes
    • Shoes are formed and worn out to our own feet. We do not want to take someone else’s bad habits. Anyway, I do not want Zack’s old shoes! They stink! Yuck! 
  • Barefoot! 
    • Inside or on a soft surface, like grass, walking barefoot is always the best option. 

If, despite having good shoes, your children are walking like a duck (feet out), a penguin (feet inwards), on tiptoes or aSSSSymmetrically, it may be best to consult a health professional, like my mom’s colleagues at ABC Health Clinic. Me, I will have to forget shoes that have wheels or lights, but I will find shoes that are both pretty AND good for me! 

Livia xxx 

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