Massage Therapy

Here are the many types of massages offered by our certified massage therapists

Swedish Massage

The Swedish massage combines firmness and softness, as needed. It works as much on muscle insertions as on tendons and muscles. It aims at getting a great muscular relaxation and increased range of motion.


It is a type of therapy through massage and movement. Swedish massage is at the basis of this whole body technique. Well executed mobilisations are very important in this type of treatment in order to achieve the best recovery of an optimal range of motion.

Massage for pregnant women

Swedish massage technique that is specifically adapted to pregnant women with an ideal posture to enhance relaxation. It is an overall massage which aims at improving the blood circulation, softening the skin and the muscle structures while also relieving those common pains in the legs and the back.

Lymphatic drainage

Very soft massage technique that enhances lymphatic circulation, eliminates toxins and stimulates the immune system. This type of massage is ideal for people affected by oedema or water retention.

Baby and child massage

A massage adapted for a baby or child is a relaxing massage that lasts more or less 20 minutes, depending on the tensions to be relieved. It provides relaxation that enhances concentration and relieves anxiety. Parents can be present during the massage but should be very discrete.

 Specific chair massage

(Swedish without oil) This type of massage is often used by patients before or after their chiropractic adjustment. It’s a quick and efficient way to benefit from both therapies. It is also an approach used for massage therapy at the work place and for people unable to lie down on their back or on their stomach.