Our Dietitian nutritionist are the health professional specialist of nutrition services in vaudreuil. They holds a university science degree with stages in hospitals, communities and foodservices. In Quebec, the dietitian nutritionist must be a member of the Ordre professionnel des diététistes du Québec to practice nutrition services.

The role of the dietitian nutritionist is to assist in the planning of a balanced diet to maintain or improve health. Nutrition services are individualized and for all ages.

Dietitian nutritionist can help:

  • anyone with allergies or intolerances, following a vegetarian diet, with weight control, with an eating disorder, in the treatment of diseases related to food (dyslipidemia, diabetes, anemia, hypertension, etc.), digestive problems (heartburn, malabsorption, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation), oro-pharyngeal disorders and inflammatory disorders;
  • pregnant or nursing woman to eat adequately to provide energy and nutrients needed to ensure an optimal nutritional status in the mother and optimal development of her child; to prevent or manage gestational diabetes, as well as to manage weight control;
  • parents with the introduction of foods to their infant considering that some organs of the digestive system are not yet fully developed; in the first year to choose foods that will provide adequate nutrients for growth and normal development to avoid, in particular, a slowdown in the development of the brain, stunting or anemia;
  • in children and adolescents to choose foods providing energy and nutrients required to maintain health and for optimal growth, especially among young people with a particular condition such as thinness, obesity, eating disorder, athlete or vegetarian; to promote the development of healthy eating habits;
  • to plan a diet designed to maintain or improve the nutritional status and food autonomy of older persons, taking into account their problems and their needs; to choose foods and liquids with the texture and consistency compatible with the capabilities of mastication and swallowing of the elderly;
  • athletes to improve their performance by developing a balanced food plan that includes adequate energy intakes, proper hydration and a good balance of nutrients (to avoid nutritional deficiencies that can cause anemia, cramps, fatigue, etc.);
  • travelers advising them food choices without risk.

So, do not hesitate to come and consult the dietitian of our nutrition clinic in vaudreuil. She can certainly help you improve your health with a balanced diet or advise you in adopting healthy eating habits.