OMG! My parents are chiros! – Part 3

Published by : | July 20 2017

Humorous text by Dre Stephanie Beaudry-Seguin, chiropractor (see part 1 here and part 2 here)


As I am still in my mother’s womb, the only thing I can complain about my chiropractor father is that he sings really badly! The rest of the time, he is already my hero because he helps my mom and I to be as comfortable as possible throughout this pregnancy. On the other hand, pregnancy makes my mother … Paranoid? Obsessed? Completely CRAZY?!? Let me show you how!

Avoiding the subject of food and chemicals paranoia… That is what my mother makes me undergo to avoid injuries:

1- She is OB-sessed with her posture!

She keeps her head held high, her shoulders back, her abdominal muscles contracted and her pelvis well centered to avoid having a hollow back (lumbar hyperlordosis). She wears appropriate shoes with an arch support. She even pays attention to her sleeping posture, sleeping on the side with a body pillow that supports her belly and placed between her two knees to keep her pelvis straight.

2- Go-go-go exercises!

Taking big walks, swimming, not to forget muscle strengthening and stretching, especially of the pelvic region (Kegel exercises? Google that, if you do not know!), are part of the activities that she makes me undergo daily. Exercising helps her stay strong, which helps her posture (you see the link with # 1?!?!), which will also help with childbirth. It is important to choose the type of physical activity. It is possible to continue your regular activities, but avoid sports of impact and risk of falls. My mom would add to foster activities that require both sides of the body equally and avoid asymmetric sports like golf or tennis. (P.S. Make sure you have your healthcare professional’s agreement to continue or start a specific sport) Please mom, relax a little!

3- She makes my dad do regular check ups of her pelvis, spine and joints… My hero!

She has her joints checked regularly even before feeling any pain. Just for prevention! And, as soon as any discomfort arises, a chiropractic adjustment is necessary! This way, she has a pain-free pregnancy. In addition, having your pelvis and its ligaments checked by a chiropractor on a regular basis, reduces the constraints that the uterus can have on the baby! That way, I have room to stretch and move as I wish!

Soon, I’m going to hold my head upside down … Looks like this is my way out!

See you soon!

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