Chiropractic and concussion

We often hear of mild, mild traumatic brain disorder (MTBI), moderate (ModTBI), severe TBI (STBI) and concussions. But how do we differentiate? What to do when we believe we are suffering such injury? This is what we will try to do in this blog. The difference between all the disorders mentioned above is in the […]

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4 common myths about concussions

Ready to fight concussions this season? This issue has gained a lot of attention in last few years, but some aspects of it remain unknown. Being able to recognize a concussion when it happens can be lifesaving. These are the 4 most common myths about concussions. 1. There is always a direct impact on the […]

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Why choosing a Doctor of Chiropractic?

10 reasons to choose a Doctor of Chiropractic 1. Our approach is preventive: Yes, you can see your chiropractor regularly, even without any pain! The goal is to keep   your spine mobile, minimise the impact of daily stress and to make sure to rapidly correct a problem that might still be asymptomatic. 2. Our doctorate […]

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