3 reasons to quickly consult a physiotherapist!

Published by : | July 3 2018

What is our first thought when we get a new pain? ‘’Ah… It will go away by itself with time…’’ It’s time to change that habit! Let me present 3 good reasons to visit your physiotherapist quickly when you have an injury.

1. It costs less

Did you know that by getting treated quickly, you probably need less treatment sessions to achieve your goals? The longer you wait before visiting your physiotherapist, the more fibrosis your muscles and soft tissue will get. It usually takes more treatments to improve joint biomechanics because we also must break adhesions around the affected joints.

2. Return to your activities faster!

If you get treated sooner, you can go back to your favorite activities faster, obviously. Reducing pain and improving your physical capacities will help achieving it. You also reduce your pain’s risk of chronicity. The longer you wait, the more chronicity risk there is.

3. Less compensations and risk of new injuries

When we’re in pain, there is always one part of the body working more to counterbalance for the affected limb. Whether it’s the other leg or your arms handling crutches, the body adjusts according to the condition. The compensating structures often aren’t prepared or trained for the increased workload. That can bring secondary injuries. By visiting your physiotherapist quickly, you decrease the time during which a limb is under a work overload.

As a physiotherapist, working at a clinic which prioritises patients’ healthcare access is important. That’s why we offer availabilities during daytime, evenings and even on Saturdays. To make an appointment, visit our online portal or call us at 450-455-8500.

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