Adopting the best life hygiene according to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) – Part 2

Published by : | March 12 2020

Beware of mucogenic and transformed foods:

The ideal thing to do is to eat non-processed and fresh according to the season, to where you are located and without pesticides.  Nutrition is a very important key to produce Qi, organic liquids and blood with a good energy quality.

Again, according to the TCM, we should watch the foods that have a tendency to increase the production of mucus and bad quality organic liquids that may hinder your health. Here are a few examples: milk products, refined sugar, alcohol, bananas, peanuts, etc.


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Caroline Daïf, Acupunctrice chez ABC Clinique Santé

Membre de l’Ordre des acupuncteurs du Québec
Membre de l’Association des acupuncteurs du Québec

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