Adopting the best life hygiene according to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) – Part 3

Published by : | March 12 2020


For TCM, every organ is related to an emotion. Living certain emotions from one to a couple days is normal. If intense emotions are present for too long, no matter how acceptable it may seem, it could create an imbalance that would disturb organic energy and potentially create disease. 

Here are a few examples: 

  • Joy, love and desire will get to the heart.
  • Thinking excess will get to the spleen.
  • Shame to heart and spleen.
  • Worry to the spleen and lung
  • Sadness and grief to lung and heart.
  • Fear gets to the kidney.
  • Emotional shocks affect the kidneys and heart.
  • Guilt affects kidneys and heart
  • Anger, impatience, irritability, resentment or frustration get to the liver. 

It is important to keep or regain balance by addressing and understanding your emotions and the signs and symptoms discomforts they may create. A TCM or relations therapist may help you find that balance again. 


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Caroline Daïf, Acupunctrice chez ABC Clinique Santé

Membre de l’Ordre des acupuncteurs du Québec
Membre de l’Association des acupuncteurs du Québec

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