Biofeedback to the rescue!

Published by : | February 19 2019

Biofeedback is a brand-new service offered in physiotherapy. It measures the level of activation or relaxation of a muscle group in real time. It will undoubtedly help you put an end to the muscular tensions building up daily.

How does it work?

Electrodes are applied to the muscle to assess its level of activation or relaxation. The device detects the contraction level of the muscle. You then use the device to help you understand how to recruit or relax the muscle.

Who would it be useful for?

This technique can be useful for anyone who accumulates tension in the same area repeatedly, suffering from pain or not. Biofeedback can be combined with massage therapy techniques or other muscular relaxation techniques such as kinesitherapy. Thus, biofeedback helps you prevent tension buildup, and muscle relaxation techniques relieve you in the short term.