Bladder pain and cystitis

Published by : | July 8 2020

What is it?

It’s a constant or intermittent pain located at the bottom of the abdomen which can be perceived as heaviness. It can be related to urethral pain and urinary symptoms such as increased urinary frequency. 


Where does it come from?

Many etiologies are possible. It can be caused by a bacterial infection or lesions on the bladder, for example. However, some people might have the pain without clear cause. Surprising uh? 


What is there to do when feeling bladder pain ?

First of all, any medical cause should be ruled out. Consult your doctor. If all the tests turn out negative, perineal reeducation might be the solution. This physiotherapy approach can help to decrease the pain level and urinary frequency as well as improving pelvic floor control.

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