Consulting for prevention treatment, but why?

Published by : | November 9 2018

In the vast majority of cases, the reason for a first consultation in chiropractic is related to an injury and / or pain. Whether on the neck, back or any other part of the body, people are looking for quick and lasting relief. On the other hand, many of these unfortunate situations could have been avoided even before the pain set in, simply by a preventive treatment.

In everyday life, we are exposed to different stresses of different nature and intensity. Naturally, our body adapts and responds to these stresses in different ways. Some people can accumulate muscle or joint tension, others suffer from organic symptoms (gastric reflux, cramps, insomnia …). The more stress you have, the more your body can be affected and weakened. It is in these circumstances that preventive chiropractic treatment is a very good option. In addition, if you are victims of a larger trauma (fall, car accident…) and that your physical state is already under stress, your body will badly adapt and the consequences may be more important.

Monthly visits (more or less depending on your condition) help to eliminate the accumulated stress at the physical level and to ensure the best possible neuro-vertebral health. No need to have pain to receive prevention treatments. Like an oil change at your garage or a dental cleaning at the dentist, chiropractic treatments can prevent the problems of the machine you use most in your life, your body!

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