How to navigate to find the right backpack

Published by : | June 27 2021

Shopping for a good backpack can make a difference to your child’s neuro-vertebral health. It may have a direct impact on posture and a good bag will help avoid problems such as neck and / or back pain, headaches, scoliosis (a condition that creates a twist in the spine), etc.


The backpack must be adjusted according to the physiology of the child. The top of the bag should be at shoulder height, while the bottom of the bag should stop where the pelvis begins (iliac crest)


It is best to have a strap that buckles at the front to hold the 2 shoulder straps together and a strap at the waist to decrease the weight of the bag, but it is not essential.


The bag should not weigh more than 10% of your child’s weight and the heavier books should be closest to his / her body, in the bag. If it is impossible to reduce the weight of the bag, your child should leave his backpack on the ground as soon as he/she is not on the move.


If you are not sure that your child’s backpack is well adjusted, do not hesitate to come see us, we will evaluate the backpack on your child for free!