Is your child active enough?

Published by : | September 26 2017

Technology evolves constantly. We can now socialize and entertain ourselves using the tip of our finger. However, this doesn’t help slowing down the obesity epidemic. Many parents use their tablet, cellphone or TV to entertain their children while they take care of different tasks around the house or simply to rest a little while. To promote children’s health and take advantages of technology, parents need make sure their children get the right combination of physical activity and time spent looking at a screen everyday. The following table summarises the daily recommended time spent on physical activity and the maximal daily screen time according to a child’s age (1).



Physical activity contributes to children’s coordination, strength and endurance development as well as cardiovascular health. Social skills like collaboration are also improved through team sports. Physical activity is an integral part of children’s normal development. Its importance needs to be enhanced by parents to make strong, active and healthy adults !



Reference :

  1. LeBlanc SLCM. Healthy active living: Physical activity guidelines for children and adolescents: Canadian Peadiatric Society; 2012 [cited 2017]. Available from:
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