Pelvic floor physiotherapist during pregnancy

Published by : | September 15 2021

Prevention is more popular than ever, and for good reasons! Pelvic floor physiotherapy has grown in popularity as well and is a great prevention tool during pregnancy. Why should someone do pelvic floor physiotherapy before giving birth ?


  1. Pelvic floor training is know to prevent risks of urinary incontinence related to pregnancy.
  2. Pelvic floor physiotherapy helps connect the pregnant individual to their pelvic floor muscles which are less commonly known and better understand body changes involved during pregnancy.
  3. Many changes occur in the body during pregnancy which can cause many symptoms and pain. Pelvic floor physiotherapists have an expertise in pregnancy and can help relieve some of those symptoms.
  4. The pelvic floor physiotherapy appointment is a good moment to ask all questions about pregnancy that you may have. The physiotherapist will be able to answer any concerns.
  5. Did you know that some exercises can help preparing your body to labor ? Yes! In fact, we can teach you how to push, stretch your perineum and relax pelvic floor muscles. Pssst… It can also reduce the risks of tearing (helpful right ?)


If you are pregnant, come and see us in pelvic floor physiotherapy, prevention is always best!

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