Physical activity and high blood pressure

Published by : | January 6 2021

What is high blood pressure?

High blood pressure is characterized by resting blood pressure that is consistently found in values ??greater than or equal to 140 mmHg systolic (the first number) and / or greater than or equal to 90 mmHg diastolic (the second number). There are many ways to treat this disease, but did you know that physical activity is also a form of treatment?

What can physical activity do for me?

Physical activity, if done on a regular basis, will tend to lower resting blood pressure over the long term. Its practice also has immediate effects and it is therefore possible to see its hypotensive effects (which lower blood pressure) immediately after being active, and then for several hours!

How should I go about it?

People with high blood pressure are recommended to participate in aerobic physical activities 5 to 7 times a week for at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity, and to favor prolonged, rhythmic activities such as walking, biking or swimming. Strength training can be done as a supplement, but should not replace cardiovascular physical activity.

Please talk to your doctor to see if these recommendations apply to you.


Gabriel Harrisson, intern in kinesiology at the University of Montreal


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