It’s vacation time!

Published by : | March 2 2018

It is already march break! The snow slowly melts down, days are getting longer and the kids are home. Some of you will have the pleasure to spend the week with them. But already a question is coming up to your mind: What are we going to do? Here is a little list with low cost ideas that will surely please everybody.

Ideas to get moving:

Going out for snowshoes or ice skating followed by a hot coco is always a good way to spend energy while enjoying being outside. Playing hockey in the driveway is also a good idea. There is bad weather outside? No problem. Build an obstacle course in the house, imagine that the floor is lava and that you can’t walk on it, do a Nerf’s fight, stage a room with some twine and do a spy game where the kids will have to pass in between (1). For those who are more brave, you can also transform your stairs in a huge slide by using card board (2).  

Ideas to be creative:

Try to craft something from what you have at home. Do not hesitate to go through your recycle bin. Invent a story. Do a DIY project. Pinterest and internet are full of great ideas. Try something new such as dot painting, pixel art or drawing on ceramic.

Ideas to relax:

There are classics such as pyjama day and movie day. You could build a nice cocooning area with pillows and blankets as well as a fort with sheets. You can also add some yoga and meditation to your relaxing day to take the time to think about you and what you enjoy in your life. Looking at a sunset with your family is also very relaxing.  

Ideas to unplug:

Take one day without electronics. Turn off your phones and tablets, unplug the internet and television. You could also decide to pass the entire day without using electricity. It’s time to take out the guitar, books and board games (many can be rent at the library). For diner, you can have fondue since, in principle, you do not need electricity for that.

Ideas to cultivate the mind:

Try scientific experiments. They are fun, interactive and educational. Here are two website to give you some inspiration:, Many experiments can be done with material that most of us already have at home.

A bonus idea.

Try to let your child decide what is going to happen for an entire day. What your going to eat, do, when it’s time for bed, if it’s skipping day for bathing, etc. This will give the chance to your child to take the lead of the day and you can enjoy having less decision making to do.


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Happy march break!

Stéphanie Lanthier-Dubois

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