Remote physiotherapy is now possible!

Published by : | March 26 2019

ABC Clinique Santé makes it its mission to offer accessible health services. With the constant
advancement of technology, it will now become even easier to fulfill our mission! After the
nutrition service, it is the turn of physiotherapists to launch the remote-appointment service.

What are the benefits of taking a virtual consultation?


Virtual consultations allow you to have access to your physiotherapist in real time from
anywhere. You can have an appointment from home or even work, if needed.

Remote appointments, how does it work?

To access virtual consultations, you must first have been assessed by the physiotherapist. Only
follow-up appointments can be made by telecommunication. You can make an appointment by
calling the clinic. Payments are made in advance by phone or at the clinic. You will receive a link
to the call that you can use on the day of the appointment. You will need to use the camera and
microphone of your device (cell, computer or tablet) to be seen and heard during the interview,
as well as access to internet.

Who can benefit from virtual consultations?

The main role of telecommunication appointments is the monitoring of exercises and
recommendations. They are also used to answer questions you may have between sessions at
the clinic. Obviously, they can’t replace clinic sessions when manual therapies are needed.
Virtual consultations are rather an adjunct to clinic sessions.

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