That thing we call posture!

Published by : | November 20 2019

Bad postures and repetitive bad habits may be the source of several problems or discomfort you can feel at a given moment. Here is a list of several bad habits to notice and correct:


  • Crossing your legs often when sitting
  • Leaning on one leg more than the other when standing
  • Sitting with rounded shoulders at a desk or in the car
  • Always sitting in a wrong position on the couch, or lying on it
  • Wearing your purse always on the same shoulder
  • Sitting on your wallet in the back pocket of your pants
  • Sleeping on your stomach or always on the same side
  • And many more!!!


Our goal in Chiropractic is to ensure that your lifestyle helps to improve your health! The best prevention to aches and a lot of chronic conditions is to correct the small bad habits or repetitive actions that we do every day! If you are already getting treated in chiropractic or by another health professional, you’ll notice that the best results come from the teamwork between your professionals and you! And do not forget, prevention is always better than healing!


If you have a condition, or want to consult by prevention, feel free to reach us at ABC Health Clinic!

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