The Perfect Posture Paradox

Published by : | April 13 2019

I can’t count how many patients came in my office telling that they ‘’have to correct their posture’’. For some reason, the ones who have the straightest posture are often the ones who want to correct their posture the most. Whereas patients who really need to have a better alignment don’t notice that they need to correct their posture.

Is it bad to want a perfect posture at all costs to have? Against all odds, I would say that it could be the case … When someone suffers from pain related to prolonged postures, I notice two large groups of people. We have those who stand too straight. They are so straight that it hurts. Their muscles become stiff by exaggerating the vertical alignment of their spine. In contrast,
there are people who lean effortlessly in the normal curves of their back. By relying on their inert structures, they develop pain related to extreme positions of their joints. No matter the situation, you must be able to contract and to relax every muscle.

What you must remember

Postural pain MAY be caused because you are standing TOO straight or if you are exerting an exaggerated effort to maintain your posture. It can be difficult for some to have an ideal posture. If you try to correct your posture, remember that it should not be painful and should be done gradually as in any exercise! The body is a structure that adapts to the demands placed upon it. Start by holding a few seconds, then increase the duration gradually. Do not hesitate to look in the mirror. If you have doubts about it, ask for advice!