Tips to make studying more efficient

Published by : | March 25 2013

As some are getting closer to the end of the semester and others beginning the midterms, here are a few tips to help you. First, a tall glass of water as staying well hydrated will help focus.
A book support (such as a big wooden plank if you read and write, or a small lectern for your book) is great to lay books or a laptop as it will reduce flexion of the neck and prevent some tension pains and/or headaches.

If the computer is most often used, it is important to ensure that the top of the screen be at eye level and that the arms be rested close to the body and at 90 degrees for typing. The wrists must be straight and well supported to forestall tendonitis and/or numbness to the hands. A good working chair is also crucial. However, if an exercise ball is used, it must be big enough to warrant a good posture.

Furthermore, if studying for many hours is inevitable, it would be worthwhile to take 5minute breaks per hour to stand up, breathe in and sit back down refreshed. It will make it easier to focus for long periods of time. Breaks in front of the computer or television are useless as they require a lot of concentration.

As if often recommended, it is smarter to start studying earlier. However, for all those “last minute” students, the best suggestion is to sleep well the night before the exam so that you may be able to think with all your faculties. If an energy drink is required, the best advice would be green tea as it has a lot of antioxidants and a high theine level. It will intensify the focus and stimulate reaction time for 6 to 7 hours, whereas coffee will do so only for 2-3 jours.

A good workout is also very beneficial, especially if done before the studying because if will increase the energy levels and oxygen levels, both necessary commodities in studying periods.
Do not forget to consult your chiropractor if you have any questions!

Good luck !


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