Work standing? You are not forgotten!

Published by : | June 8 2018


There is so much to say on all the workers who sit all day. There is the new expression “sitting is the new smoking of this generation”. However, we must not forget all of you standing for work: hairstylist, nurses, some construction jobs, everyone working retail, customer service, waiters, etc. Day after day up on those feet can take a toll on one’s body if the proper tools are not used.

The first areas that will usually start hurting or that will develop inflammation of some sort are inferior limbs and the lower back. So here are a few things that may help you.

1- Organize your work space!

If your job requires that you remain immobile for a little while, try to ensure enough room for slight position changes. Make sure the equipment you are using is all in front of you to reduce the number of bad twists and bends. Basically limiting the bad habits that may cause you harm.

Your work table and or equipment should not be too high or too low. For precision jobs, they should be approximately  5cm above your elbow unless you work as a cook or like one. Being a cook requires putting downwards pressure and therefore, the tables should be placed 30cm under your elbows.

If you are short and cannot lower the table, procuring a standing stool might be a good idea.

2- Good shoes are a must!

There has to be proper support but with enough room to move the toes around. If the shoe changes the shape of your foot it may bring on bio mechanical issues, such as bunions, etc. Heel height is another matter. It depends on what kind of flooring you stand. Some cushioning may be essential and a small heel can help but no more than 5cm.

3- Do not forget to take breaks!

They are important as they allow you to stretch and change positions. Proper strengthening exercises are a must for some working standing up all day just as much as the sedentary worker or the physical job worker. An adapted training will help strengthen your body and prepare it for what is to come. Some of you may need to stretch as well. Make sure to consult the appropriate professional for your needs: Doctor of chiropractic for evaluation of your condition, kinesiologist for personalized workout, etc.

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Source: Association of the Québec Chiropractors

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