Your « nerves » hurt?

Published by : | September 7 2018

When we’re in pain, it’s not always easy to put the finger on the exact structure that hurts. Nerves are often blamed, especially when the pain gets more intense. Are we right to blame it all on the nerves?

Yes, nerves can trigger pain.

Nerves are structures responsible of transmitting any sensory or motor information through the body, including pain sensations. Like any other tissue, they can get irritated or stretched, therefore creating pain.

What does nerve pain feel like?

Typically, when a nerve hurts, the pain tends to move. It can spread through the nerve’s path, instead of being localised. It can also be related to tingling or numbness as well as loss of strength. The pain usually feels like electric chocs, a bruise or pulling.

Is a nerve pain a serious injury?

A healthcare professional, like a physiotherapist and a chiropractor, can assess the neurological system and determine if medical attention is required. Usually, peripheric nerves (in your legs and arms for example), can be treated as well as soft tissue issues (muscles, tendons, ligaments).


Well, after all, are your nerves guilty of triggering your pain? Give them the benefit of the doubt!

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