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Published by : | July 5 2020

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Here are the serivces offered at our Vaudreuil-Dorion clinic :

What is an interdsciplinary practice?

ABC Health Clinic has an interdisciplinary approach to optimal health… But what does that mean exactly?

We often mix up multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary practice. Although they seem like one and the same at first, they are considerably different, both according to the patient’s experience as well as according to the healthcare professionals’ method of practice.

A multidisciplinary practice, which is quite common, represents a concept where you can meet many healthcare professionals under one roof. They all share the same workspace but their practices are separated one from the other. They are independent practices where each professional decides on the treatment plan by him/herself based on his own knowledge and experience. He can refer his patients to other healthcare professionals if he considers it relevant, sharing more or less information with the other contributors.

An interdisciplinary practice like the one at ABC Health Clinic, on the other hand, represents a practice which combines a group of healthcare professionals that not only share the same workspace but also the patients’ complete healthcare proposition. All the professionals in this practice have a comprehensive knowledge of each other’s’ field of work. They have learned to work in close collaboration and recognize the pertinence of integrating, or not, one or more professionals in the treatment of their patients. They work with rigorous procedures and efficient communication tools to adapt their practice around their patients’ need. It is an integrated approach based on team work between the healthcare professionals AND the patient.

What does that mean for the patient?

When a patient comes in for a consultation at ABC Health Clinic, he can definitely seek the care of only one professional if this is what suits his needs. The patient will always get a recommendation and be directed towards the professional that will be best suited to help meet the best clinical results possible, but the choice of consulting one or more than one professional always rests in the patient’s hands.

Instead of focusing the care on the professional, ABC Health Clinic focuses on the patient.

In the event that many professionals would be involved in a patient’s treatment plan, they would all decide together, along with the patient, what would be the optimal treatment plan in order to maximize the results with the best clinical and economical efficiency possible.


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