Bladder pain and cystitis

What is it? It’s a constant or intermittent pain located at the bottom of the abdomen which can be perceived as heaviness. It can be related to urethral pain and urinary symptoms such as increased urinary frequency.    Where does it come from? Many etiologies are possible. It can be caused by a bacterial infection […]

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Chiropractic and concussion

We often hear of mild, mild traumatic brain disorder (MTBI), moderate (ModTBI), severe TBI (STBI) and concussions. But how do we differentiate? What to do when we believe we are suffering such injury? This is what we will try to do in this blog. The difference between all the disorders mentioned above is in the […]

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Guess who?

I am worse than a computer to cause postural pain to the shoulders and neck. This communication device revolutionized wrist tendon injuries. Time spent on this device should be limited to 20 minutes per use before changing position. Guess who? The cell phone can cause a problematic called “text neck” and tendinitis in the wrist […]

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