Hockey is back!

Published by : | January 15 2013

Hockey is a great cardiovascular sport. To enjoy it, here are some tips to avoid injuries.

Step 1: Transporting your equipment, meaning that heavy smelly large bag!

To lift your bag, bend your knees keeping your back straight. Avoid bending and rotation, this puts the ligaments, muscles and discs in tension and can lead to a lumbar sprain. The bags on wheels are ideal. Otherwise, carry it as a backpack.

Step 2: The warm up

Take 5-10 minutes to skate around the ice. Then activate each joint by doing movements for 15-60 seconds (wrists, shoulders, ankles, knees, hips, lower back and neck).

Step 3: Good hydration before, during and after the game

It’s important to drink plenty to replace water that is lost during the exercice. Here is an homemade recipe to keep your minerals: 1 c. teaspoon salt and sugar in 1 liter of water.

Step 4: Stretching after the game

Allow yourself a few minutes to stretch while your body is still warm. Stretching will help the recovery by eliminating muscle waste and keeping the muscle flexibility.

Step 5: What about prevention?

In hockey, injuries to the spine and limbs are common. Several risk factors can be considered. The leaning forward position causes constant pressure on the lower back and hips. Falls, tackles and twisting of the back can cause various injuries.
That is why, muscle reinforcement is important. A health care professional can prescribe appropriate stabilisation exercises for your condition. A preventive physical examination is beneficial to detect certain neuro-musculoskeletal dysfunctions.

Do not wait until you’re hurt before you consult your chiropractor. And do not forget to maintain a good posture… even while watching a game on your couch!

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