Insomnia and Acupuncture

Published by : | October 19 2019

Insomnia is a disorder affecting the quality and duration of sleep. It is characterized by an altered or absent sleep that eventually has repercussions on the daily life of the person who suffers from it.
It is manifested by light sleep, difficulty falling asleep, frequent awakenings and the impossibility of going back to sleep, nightmares and / or restless dreams or sleepless nights.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) analyzes sleep by the alternance of two energies: Yin and Yang; mental relaxation, rest and night are part of the energetic phenomenon called Yin, and mental activity, movement and day are part of the energetic phenomenon called Yang.


These two mental states (Yang activity and Yin relaxation) are in continual motion.

Yin reduces the mental activity of the Yang and slows his tendency to runaway in the evening.

The Yang allows the Yin to awake and fights against his tendency to inertia in the morning.

The function of sleep is explained by the movement of alternation and balance between the strength of the Yin and Yang.

Insomnia is the result of a disturbance of the cyclical movement of these two energies. It is caused by an important imbalance either of a Yang being too active or an insufficient Yin, giving sleeping disorders with different characters:

  • Difficulties to fall asleep or  feel too awake to fall asleep as a result of mental activity Yang which remains too active
  • The frequent awakenings during the night express that the mental relaxation Yin is weak hence the difficulty to maintain  rest
  • The early awakenings are due to a Yang mental activity that is too abundant compared to the Yin relaxation, hence the early manifestation of the activity.

Acupuncture will help restore the natural functions of the body by calming the agitation of the energy Yang and / or by promoting the increase energy of the Yin according to the nature of the energy imbalance involved. MTC based dietary and lifestyle counseling will aim to minimize additional stimulation and promote relaxation and sleep.

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