At ABC Health Clinic, we focus on providing our patients the best experience and the best results possible. You appreciate our services and wish to let us know why? You wish to share some recommendations to help us make our services even better? We look forward to reading your comments!

Here are a few testimonies from our patients. It is with great pride that we share them with you!

Anne, 64 years old

While taking a walk, I discovered ABChiropratique. The pain was so bad and the traditionnal medecine was suggesting a treatment that I did not want to do, I decided to walk in. What a surprise !! After only a few weeks of treatments, I noticed a big improvement without medication ! (Lenoir and Achille tendon inflammation to both feet). Thank you ABChiropratique!

Margaret O'Connor, proud mom of Marc-Andre Servant, Canadian Champion in Figure Skating in the junior category

It definitely takes a village to raise a child and Marc-Andre would definitely not be able to do what he does without your constant care and assistance. Thank you all for being his other "mothers" and "big sisters". Living in two different cities makes our lives a bit more complicated and knowing that I can always count on you to take care of him as your own gives me great comfort. We couldn't survive without you!

Sandra, 30 years old

Doctor Brousseau and her team are very dedicated and professional. I noticed my health improved very quickly. I love my experience and will recommend ABChiropratique to my relatives.

Annick, 41 years old

My treatment with ABChiropratique has enabled me to reconnect with my body and to regain a balanced posture. I have less pain and I can now enjoy my regular physical activity.

Christian, 51 years old

At first, I thought the result of the treatments would start to show after quite a long time but after only a few sessions I noticed more flexibility in my neck. I no longer suffer in the lower back when I get out of the car. I gained more flexibility in my hip rotation for my golf swing. I don’t feel any numbness in my left hand during my bike rides anymore. The treatments have cleared the immobilized areas and after each session I notice a decrease in stiffness.

Isabelle, 28 years old

I have to admit I was a little scared before starting my chiropractic care, but Dr Sandra and Dr Aymie gained my trust. My migraines are gone and I am living a more comfortable pregnancy since my care started. What I like about my treatments at ABC is the attention given to each individual. Our fears and concerns are well understood and well adressed. I would recommend this type pf care to anyone an if some of you are scared or unsure, all you need to do is ask a question or manifest your concen and the chiropractors will reassure you as well as treat you!

Conrad, 50 years old

The treatments received quickly releived my back pain, following an accident. Now I benefit from preventive and corrective follow-up visits that enhance greatly my quality of life by lowering my neck and back tensions. Big thatnks for a great quality of life!

Josée, 42 years old

This is the only place that releives my pain. I tried physio and osteo and I didn't see any changes. At ABChiropratique, I see the difference! I was able to go back to my regular activities, I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Julie, 27 years old

Good service in a calm and warm environment. I felt that the chiropractors really wanted to help me get rid of my pain. Really a great team. I hesitated for a long time before seeking chiropractic care but now I don't regret it! After a few treatments I felt the difference and my quality of life was enhanced. I think I came to the right place to get rid of my back pain. Thank you!

Nancy, 40 years old

This is a great experience. I fianlly found specialists that can help me releive my headaches and neck pain. Since the beginnning of my treatments, I see a huge difference and I have a better quality of life. These professionnals are greatly recommended.

Nadine, 40 years old

I have loved chiropractic care for a long time because it's pain free, medication free, quick results and every day well being!