The importance of a healthy spine.

Published by : | October 25 2019

The spine is the core of my work as a chiropractor and what better time to talk about neuro-vertebral health couple weeks following World Spine Day on October 16th.

But why is your neuro-vertebral health so important? For several reasons. First, your spine is the protective shell of your spinal cord. It protects this neurological information highway that comes from your brain and travels to all the muscles, organs and other components of your body. A healthy spine contributes to a better functioning nervous system, hence your overall health.

Second, we can not forget the pivotal role played by the spine in posture and movement. Its anatomy allows us to stay in balance standing on our legs while absorbing the shocks to which we submit it via our intervertebral discs. In addition, it allows us to bend, turn, stretch, lift and stabilise our whole body without any damage. 

As I just mentioned, our spine supports us every day of our lives and is more often than not subjected to small traumas and injuries. That’s why regular maintenance of your spine is a must for everyone. Regular exercise, stretching, and chiropractic follow-ups are just a few examples of what you can do to improve your neuro-vertebral health.

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