Chiropractors at ABC Health Clinic Vaudreuil-Dorion adapt their care to all individuals. Here is how chiropractic can help for specific groups of individuals.



As well as to soothe many pregnancy related discomforts such as back aches, numbness and tingling, muscle cramps and others, chiropractic is known to lower the risks of complications related to pregnancy and labor as well as to contribute to a faster delivery. Safe and effective, chiropractic care is an ideal […] Read more


The first stresses on a baby’s spine, cranial bones and nervous system happen as soon as birth, and sometimes even before, during the 9 months in the womb! Most often asymptomatic, these stresses can also create difficulty with suckling, colic, torticolis, cranial asymmetry, etc. Our chiropractic clinic care can limit the impact of these stresses […] Read more


The toddler years are period of constant learning. Your little one must learn to walk, run, jump (not without a couple of scratches!). He/she must also learn to deal with the different realities, like being separated from mom and dad for the first time or fighting all kinds of new bugs that are so generously shared at daycare. These hurdles can […] Read more

School Aged

School aged children are living more and more stress related to their life style. A highly charged schedule with school and many other activities and sports, a heavy school bag that isn’t adjusted to their body, physical inactivity and much time spent in front of the television or the computer screen are all part of the frequent causes of […] Read more


The teenage years are a period of great changes: growth spurts, important hormonal changes, emotional stress, etc. Many of these factors make teenagers susceptible to putting their health through challenges. Our Vaudreuil chiropractic clinic care is a precious ally for the passage into adulthood […] Read more

Athlete & recreational sports

You like being active and taking care of your health. You know the value of healthy habits. Whether you need an ally to better your performance with your joint, muscle and nervous stability or whether you have a sports injury that needs care, chiropractic is a very interesting option to reach you health goals […] Read more


Physical inactivity has a negative impact on the global health of the individual. Obesity, joint, muscle or nerve problems, cardio-vascular diseases and depression are only some examples of the direct impact of lack of physical activity. Our Vaudreuil chiropractic clinic can be your ally on your journey to health. Whether it be by giving you back […] Read more


You have worked hard all your life. Whether it is by taking care of your family or by working for a business, you deserve to live a healthy retirement. Now a days, getting older doesn’t mean letting go of an active lifestyle. Use the tools that will allow you to benefit from many more healthy years. Consulting a chiropractic clinic is a very interesting solution […] Read more