Chiropractic – Newborn


The first stresses on a baby’s spine, cranial bones and nervous system happen as soon as birth, and sometimes even before, during the 9 months in the womb! Most often asymptomatic, these stresses can also create difficulty with suckling, colic, torticolis, cranial asymmetry, etc. Chiropractic care can limit the impact of these stresses and allow your baby to better live in this new environment. Offer your newborn every opportunity to start life wit optimal health.

What stressors are related to the birthing process?

  • Physical pressure from uterine contractions and the passage through the vagina
  • Physical traction during interventions (traction with the hands, forceps or vacuum extraction)
  • Rapid temperature change at birth
  • Several firsts (first contact with air, first contact with light, first feeding, first digestive movements, etc)

How can chiropractic contribute to the health and wellness of our babies

The stressors related to birth can cause articular, muscular and nervous tensions in the newborn. Chiropractic adjustments are soft and precise manual therapies that allow us to correct these tensions. These adjustments are so delicate that they often do not wake up the sleeping child!

Why do parents bring their babies to see a chiropractor?

  • Issues with suckling or breastfeeding
  • Congenital torticolis
  • Colic – unexplained frequent crying
  • Excessive regurgitation
  • Gastro-oesophagial reflux
  • Cranium imbalance or deformation
  • Developmental setbacks
  • Prevention – to start of right!

Prevention : When to come in with your baby?

Chiropractic care is recommended and safe as soon as birth. If you identiy signs of stress in your baby, it is important to come in as soon as possible. If everything is going well, whenever you feel ready for a quick outing after your birth, come see your chiropractor for a health treat!

The ABC Health Clinic difference

The chiropractors at ABC Health Clinic have a complete certification in pediatric chiropractic care. Soft touch techniques and specific tools for newborns are at the service of our clientele. Stimulation workshops and informative conferences on family health issues are offered for free. The environment at ABC Health Clinic was thought out with a baby’s needs in mind. On site, you will find a changing table, rooms that are available for breast feeding and fun toys for your baby.