Chiropractic – Pregnancy

Pregnant woman

As well as to soothe many pregnancy related discomforts such as back aches, numbness and tingling, muscle cramps and others, chiropractic care for pregnant woman is known to lower the risks of complications related to pregnancy and labor as well as to contribute to a faster delivery. Safe and effective, chiropractic care is an ideal option to live a comfortable and healthy pregnancy, without medication!

What stressors are often related to pregnancy?

  • Rapid weight gain in the abdominal area
  • Joint changes, spcecially in the pelvis
  • Important hormonal changes
  • Emotional stress

How does chiropractic care contribute to a healthy pregnancy and delivery?

Pelvic stability

The role of a chiropractic adjustment for a pregnant woman is mainly to maintain or re-establish the stability of the mother-to-be’s pelvis in order to have a positive effect on the uterine functions.

The uterus is a muscle and tissue structure in which the embryo implants and develops to become a beautiful baby. It is a key structure to take care of to enable a healthy pregnancy and birth.

The uterus is held in place in the abdomen by a group of ligaments that attach to the pelvic bones. A pelvic imbalance (joints or muscles) may have a negative impact on the uterine functions by creating tensions on the ligaments holding it.

Nervous system stability

All chiropractic adjustments are aimed at enabling the nervous system to function at its optimal potential. It is particularly important for a pregnant woman who needs to ensure her well being as well as her baby’s. The balance between all body systems that the nervous system enables is particularly important during this time in life.

Why do pregnant women seek chiropractic care?

  • For preventive care, to enjoy a healthy pregnancy and delivery
  • To soothe back aches
  • To soothe sciatic pain
  • To soothe pelvic and abdominal tensions
  • To soothe pain to the rib cage
  • To soothe numbness and tingling (carpal tunnel syndrome)
  • To enhance the baby’s mobility in the uterus in order to :
    • Increase chances of a head-down position for delivery (vertex)
    • Decrease tensions to the muscles, joints and nerves of the baby resulting in less risk of cranial bone imbalances and congenital torticollis, to mention only those.
  • To decrease the risk of interventions during delivery (forceps, suction cup, C-section)
  • To have a faster delivery

Prevention : When to seek chiropractic care for pregnancy or delivery?

Chiropractic adjustments are adapted to the needs of the pregnant woman and are comfortable and safe as early as the first day of pregnancy and until delivery. It is best to consult as early as possible during pregnancy in order to have the best impact on mommy and baby’s health and it is never too late to begin care.

The ABChiropratique difference

Care for pregnant women is offered by chiropractors certified in obstetric chiropractic care. Our pregnant patients all benefit from personalized treatments as well as pregnancy adapted equipment. Also, all are offered the opportunity to participate in birth preparation classes by a certified doula. It is a opportunity to learn new information, to discover new exercises centered on a pregnant woman’s needs and to meet other pregnant woman!

By choosing the ABC Health Clinic chiropractic team, you chose the knowledge, the experience and the comprehenvsive supervision of a team specifically trained to answer to the particular needs of pregnant women.