Chiropractic – Radiology

X-rays are a diagnostic tool that is well know and recognized. With this technology, we can visualise the bones and joints as well as their relation to one another. Following the interview and physical exam with a patient, radiology allows us to direct our diagnosis and care plan. The use of X-rays is also very important in the elimination of certain diagnosis which might represent a contra-indication to chiropractic care and that necessitate a referral to another health professional. ABC Health Clinic offers its patients a digital high frequency radiology service which allows us to obtain images that are precise while highly limiting the exposure to radiation. Since our radiology laboratory is on site, patients can receive the results of their radiological examination rapidly and therefore receive adequate care within a very short delay. It is important to note that X-rays are taken according to the needs of each patient. Children and pregnant women are normally not required to have a radiological examination.