Chiropractic – School Aged Child

School aged children are living more and more stress related to their life style. A highly charged schedule with school and many other activities and sports, a heavy school bag that isn’t adjusted to their body, physical inactivity and much time spent in front of the television or  the computer screen are all part of the frequent causes of discomfort or disease in children. Chiropractic care can limit the impact of these stresses on your children and give them the possibility of growing up in optimal health and free of pain!

What stressors are often present with children?

  • Many falls and micro-traumas related to play time or sports
  • Unhealthy postural habits (at school, in front of the computer or the television, etc.)
  • Heavy school bags that aren’t well adjusted
  • Physical inactivity
  • Poor nutrition (often in children that are fussy eaters)
  • Emotional stress related to academic performance or social life
  • Multiple strains on the immune system related to social and community life

How can chiropractic contribute to the health and wellness of our children?

The stressors related to childhood can cause joint, muscle and nervous system tensions. Chiropractic adjustments are soft and precise manual therapies that allow us to correct these tensions. These adjustments are painless and are often incorporated into games; they are generally well received by the many children at the clinic!

Why do parents bring their children to see a chiropractor?

  • Prevention and treatment of postural problems (scoliosis, rounded shoulders, etc.)
  • Prevention and treatment of headaches
  • Prevention and treatment of neck or back pain
  • Treatment of joint or muscle injuries (sprains, strains, bursitis, tendonitis, etc)
  • Relief from symptoms related to growing pains
  • Relief from symptoms related to ear infections, colds or other upper respiratory tract infections.
  • Prevention – to allow your child to grow healthy!!

Prevention : When to come in?

There are certain periods that make the nervous, muscular and skeletal systems more inclined to stress. Here are our recommendations for when to have a chiropractic examination for your child:

  • After a fall or other physical, chemical or emotional stresses
  • During a growth spurt
  • When symptoms or discomforts appear
  • Prevention follow-up once a month

The ABC Health Clinic difference

The chiropractors at ABC Health Clinic have a complete certification in pediatric and obstetric chiropractic care. Soft touch techniques and child specific tools are at the service of our clientele. Stimulation workshops and informative conferences on family health issues are offered for free. The environment at ABC Health Clinic was thought out with children’s needs in mind. The play area is great to keep them busy and entertained!