Chiropractic – Toddler

The toddler years are period of constant learning. Your little one must learn to walk, run, jump (not without a couple of scratches!). He/she must also learn to deal with the different realities, like being separated from mom and dad for the first time or fighting all kinds of new bugs that are so generously shared at daycare. These hurdles can create physical, chemical or emotional stress in our child and have a negative impact on his/her health.

What stressors are often present with toddlers?

  • Many falls and micro-traumas related to play time or sports
  • Emotional stress due to separation anxiety in the beginning of daycare
  • Poor nutrition (often in children that are fussy eaters)
  • Multiple strains on the immune system related to daycare

How can chiropractic contribute to the health and wellness of our children?

The stressors related to the toddler years can cause joint, muscle and nerve tensions. Chiropractic adjustments are soft and precise manual therapies that allow us to correct these tensions. These adjustments are painless and are often incorporated into games; they are generally well received by the many children at the clinic!

Why do parents bring their children to see a chiropractor?

  • To help with symptoms related to ear aches and common cold  symptoms
  • To correct postural problems (scoliosis, torticolis, rounded shoulders, etc.)
  • To correct nerve or motor problems (difficulty with walking or running, balance problems, coordination problems, etc)
  • To correct developmental setbacks
  • To prevent – to allow your child to grow healthy!!

Prevention : When to come in?

Here are certain periods that make the nervous, muscular and skeletal systems more inclined to stress. Here are our recommendations for when to have a chiropractic examination for your child:

  • After birth
  • When your child starts to control their neck movement (can lift their head when on tummy)
  • When your child starts to sit on his or her own
  • When your child starts to crawl
  • When your child start to stand
  • When your child first starts walking
  • After a fall or other physical, chemical or emotional stresses
  • When signs or symptoms of disease or discomfort appear

The ABC Health Clinic difference

Many of the chiropractors at ABC Health Clinic have centered their practice in pediatric chiropractic care. Soft touch techniques and child specific tools are at the service of our clientele. Stimulation workshops and informative conferences on family health issues are offered for free. The environment at ABC Health Clinic was thought out with children’s needs in mind. On site, you will find a changing table and rooms that are available for breast feeding. Also, the play area is great to keep kids busy and entertained!