Massage Therapy


Here are all types of massage offered by our certified massage therapists

Swedish massage

The Swedish massage combines strong and gentle pressure, depending on one’s needs. It is performed on muscle attachments as much as on the tendons and muscles. It aims to provide great muscle relaxation and thus promote an increase in range of motion.


It is a therapy that uses massage and movement. The basic technique used for this therapy is the swedish massage. Well executed mobilizations are essential tools for treatment, thus favoring the return to an optimal range of articular motion.

Adapted massage for pregnant women

Swedish massage technique adapted for the pregnant woman, therefore is is done with an adequate positioning to promote a better relaxation. It is an enveloping massage that aims to improve blood circulation, soften the skin and muscles while relieving leg and back pain.

Lymphatic drainage

Very gentle massage technique, promoting the circulation of the lymph, the elimination of toxins and the strengthening of the immune system. Ideal for people affected by water retention.

Baby and child massage

The massage for baby or child is a relaxing massage of more or less 20 minutes depending on the tensions and capacity of said child. Relaxation helps promotes concentration and being able to let go. Parents may be present during the massage, but with a lot of discretion.

Specific massage on chair

(Swedish without oil) This type of massage is often used by patients before or after a chiropractic adjustment. It’s a fast and efficient way to combine both therapies. It is also an approach used for massage in the workplace and for people unable to lie on their backs or stomachs.