Perineal rehabilitation


Perineal rehabilitation is the field of physiotherapy which takes care of the urogenital and anorectal systems in men and women. Muscles in the perineal area are called the pelvic floor muscles. Like every other muscle in the body, they can lack strength, develop muscle tension and lose coordination over time. Physiotherapists assess the pelvic floor muscles as well as all the other surrounding structures (skin, scare tissues, nerves, tendons, coccyx) to plan a personalized treatment based on your specific needs and give some advice. The goal is to re-establish the urinary, anorectal and sexual function in people who suffer from issues in the perineal area.

Which conditions can be treated in perineal rehabilitation?

• Urinary incontinence
• Fecal incontinence
• Frequent urination
• Urgency
• Difficulties to urinate
• Difficulties to defecate
• Prolapse
• Perineal pain
• Sexual dysfunction

What to expect during the assessment?

First, you will complete a questionnaire with the physiotherapist to better understand the issue and contributing factors. Then, there will be a physical assessment including your posture, a neurological exam, a respiratory exam and palpation of the abdomen. Finally, with your consent, the physiotherapist will do the gynecologic exam through the vaginal canal or the anal canal, depending on the case.

What to expect from the perineal rehabilitation?

The treatment sessions can include various exercises of the pelvic floor muscles, manual therapy in the perineal area and other implicated joints, education on different matters and vesical training.